Jean is a Cornish plein air artist with a vibrant and raw approach to the medium. With a background in teaching art as well as using it as part of her psychotherapy, which she practiced in London and Cornwall, it has been a part of her life since college and university. Jean spent 15 years teaching Transactional Analysis at the University of Glion in Switzerland, where art took a president within the course through art therapy.

Jean loves Cornwall and it’s wonderfully diverse coastline as well as having a passion for music, nature and the planet. An advocate for the environment, Jean strives to raise awareness on Climate Change and proactively engages in protecting our precious world and its wild inhabitants.

Bewitched by the landscape around her, Jean sits, absorbs and breathes in the elements that give her joy: Colour, air and the substance called Earth. It’s a three dimensional experience and she is picky about where she chooses to sit and pastel – “it needs to feel right”. Jean is an outdoors kind of person, “in doesn’t do it” for her, hence plein air.

Jean’s pastelling is vigorous and has an immediacy in its quality, with work ranging in size from 8×8 to 20×18 and anything in between. She would love to hear from you and is happy to work on commissions and travel to specific areas within Cornwall to encapsulate a scene special for you.